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Finally made some progess on the basement again

Went out and purchased a new orbital sander. That thing worked great. I sanded the whole hallway area at the bottom of the stairs yesterday. Man there was a bunch of dust. Will need to touch a few areas up and sand a little more and then I will be ready to prime the walls and ceiling. Then I have to learn how to do the knock down ceiling and spray that on and move on to the main room. I found out you can rent a nice drywall sander for 40 bucks a day at homedepot. I plan to get the main room, bathroom and office all set and ready to sand and then will rent the sander and try to get all rooms finished in that one day.

I finally put in the new firewall also. Seems to be working great. The first day I found a few people poking at ssh so I changed that around. It blocked their ip but would rather people not even know it is there. Astersk is working again and have backuppc working again also. Backing up the server today. Hope it finishes ok.

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