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Yard work has officially started

Friday night after work I put down my first lawn application. Watered it in that night and the sprinkler system ran it’s normal every other day watering. Saturday morning it was nice and wet and again this morning. Hope the grass starts to come in a bit now that I have started to water it. It has been very dry this season so far and I have a patchy yard this year for some reason. Hopefully most of the patches will fill in without to much help from me. I dumped most of the dirt and sod I had dug up. Put it in a small pile in the back corner of the yard under one of the pine trees. I will plan to use some of it to work on the yard and the rest I plan to put in the yard waste container little by little. I plan to plant a few more items in the front and back, have a few baby trees I want to plant and the only other landscaping project this year will be around the side of the house. I want to edge and mulch around the air conditioner and utility area. Put a few shrubs there to hide them and then that will be it. Hope to start no that sometime soon.

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