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Ceiling was going to be done last night

Over the weekend I purchased a few gallons of paint so I could finish up the area at the bottom of the stairs. Purchased one gallon for the walls and one for the ceiling. Well the idiot at home depot did not change the color settings and I got two gallons of paint that were the same color. One in egg shell and one in flat. Well I went to paint the ceiling antique white last night. That is what the flat paint label said. It seemed dark to me but I went ahead and hoped for the best. Well needless to say, it matched the wall perfectly, well short of being flat and not egg shell. So I headed over to home depot to complain and return the gallon. They did not hassle me at all. Will bring in a sample of the flat antique white today and have it matched. I think I found a gallon that is already antique white and I probably will just get that. Man that sure did make a great evening. Thought I would be painting the walls tonight and I would then be finished. Guess I will be painting the ceiling once again tonight.

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