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Large Garbage pickup

Well, today is large garbage pickup for my neighborhood. It is always a fun time. This year we actually had a bit to put out. Saturday morning I got up at about 7am. Got taylor feed and then started to get stuff out to the curb. Took out 4 chairs and table from the deck. They were messed up from snow and ice this past winter. Never brought them in. Well they were picked up by a lady and her two kids. Only took them an hour to be picked up. After that someone took an old black shelving unit I used in the garage. That was about all I put out at first. When jenny got home from work she helped me put out my old 60 gallon fish tank. So the fish tank and an old garage can were the only two things out there most of the day on sunday. Fish tank was gone in early evening. Garbage can was taken some time sunday afternoon. After we got home from dinner I forgot I had a few more things in the basement we wanted to get rid of. Took the total gym 1000 out, the old fishtank hood with lights and reflector. Old custom made sump for the tank and another 10 gallon sump I made, last thing I took out was another small shelving unit. Well the shelving unit and total gym were gone before we went to bed. Went to bed around 11pm. Woke up this morning and everything but the 10 gallon fishtank/sump was all that was left. Amazing what some people through out and what some people pick up huh? I went past a house on a near by road and they literally had about a dump truck size of junk out by the road. Had some sort of fiberglass boat or dune buggy thing out there and so much junk I feel sorry for the garbage man when he gets there. It will take him a good hour probably to get everything into the truck, just in time to have to head to the dump to empty his truck.

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