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Getting Closer

Well I hope to have all of the taping ready to go for this weekend. I hope to finish up the utility room and garage so I can send all at same time this weekend. I posted my plan on the blog here. Went through another bucket of mud last night. Didn’t have very much left in it but it is all gone now. I have 5 empty buckets in the basement right now. Need to clean them up and store or throw them away. I only have one bucket of mud left now. I have a full light weight bucket. Hopefully tonight I will be able to finish up the garage and maybe mow also. I have two long seams on the ceiling in the garage and all the screw holes in the ceiling to get finialized and then I have about 4 seams on the walls to finish and touch up the corners and I have to start one outside corner. Hope I can get that up and get at least the first coat on it tonight. Will be close but still shooting for have all mud on the walls for this weekend. Then I will just have touch up in all areas. Utility room and garage I am not worried about getting perfect but rest of basement I plan to have to touch things up at least 2 more times before it is finished.

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