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One more bucket of mud has been emptied

Last night I headed down to the basement to do some more taping. I had about half a bucket of the lightweight mud left. I started in the utility room. Put in 3 corner pieces and taped all seams. The only area I did not do is under the stair way. I have one seem there and one corner. Did not feel like emptying that area yet. I want to clean up the room before I take all that stuff out. I put the first coat on all areas except that area. If times permits I hope to put a second coat on most areas of the utility room tonight and maybe put a coat on the garage also. Since I will be renting a sanding device for the main room I am trying to finish all the taping and mudding I can so I can take advantage of the sander on all rooms at the same time. I still have a full bucket of the lightweight mud and about half a bucket of the topper mud and about half a bucket of the general purpose mud. I plan to just use the topper and lightweight as I need it and save the general purpose mud for the texture coat on the ceiling. Hopefully the mud I have left will be enough to finish all areas. I was amazed at how much I used in the utility room already. I figure that the last bucket of lightweight mud will be gone by the time I finish the utility room and garage.

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