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Great weekend

Kind of glad it is over. Then again, I had so much more I wanted to do. Was able to do a few things I wanted to finish up on. Atually relaxed for a bit also. Saw a few movies. Did not rent the sander like I wanted to. I have a few more areas to get cleaned up and move a few things around and then I believe I will be ready to rent it. Just did not want to get it to early. Might be able to get most of the mud up this week. I hope I do not need to buy another bucket of mud but only time will tell. I move a bunch of stuff around and cleaned up the main room. I only have one partial bucket of general purpose mud left (will use that for the ceiling texture). I have less than half a bucket of light weight mud left also. Need to use that for any touch up. I may go get a small bucket or maybe a bag of light weight. I also heard about mud called medium weight. May look into trying that also. Other than that, just cleaning around the house and relaxing, nothing else is really new.

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