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Hunter Rain sensor installed

It took me about 2 hours but it is installed and tested. Putting the sensor on the outside of the house and getting the wire into the garage took about 10 minutes. Trying to fish the wire down the wall so it was hidden and out of site was the big problem. It was very hot and the fish tape was giving me a problem. Plus it is close to impossible to make fish tape go in the wall through a small hole about the size of a dime and come out another hole about the size of a dime. Finally was able to get it but I am glad I am not an electrician and have to do this on a daily basis. At anyrate it is installed and working. Now to just tweak it for it’s sensitivity. The one I bought will turn the system off within 2 minutes of the rainfall. Then you have to adjust it for the amount of time you want it to dissable the system. Right now I have it set kind of high. The first time it rains I will find out how well it works. Good thing it was only 29 bucks shipped. Didn’t waste to much if it doesn’t work the best.

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