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One more sprinkler head

I have decided that I will be putting one more large sprinkler head in the backyard. There is one area next to the house that seems to be very dry and gets a bunch of sun. I have 3 heads in that area already but only one seems to give the whole area water. The other two get most of the area. I figure if I put one more in that is in the center of the area and have it water just that area as much as possible, I think that dry area should go away. The only problem with doing this is it will make that zone have 5 large heads on it. My only zone that has 5 heads. Should be fine but wanted to stay away from having 5 heads on one zone. I may put smaller spray heads on the existing heads to make sure I have enough water pressure on that zone. Hopefully I can get to that tonight or tomorrow.

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