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Drywall is getting close to being finished

Friday I had the day off. Was suppose to go to Cedar Point for the day but something came up. Still took the day off and just took care of things around town. In the evening I started preping some of the walls in the garage and basement. Just touched up and got ready for sanding.
Saturday I continued to get things ready and then at 6pm I went and rented the porter cable drywall sander and vac system from Home-Depot. Man this things was totally worth it. Came to a total of 65 bucks. 40 to rent, 4 bucks for insurance policy and the rest for sand disc, foam pad and vacum bag. This thing was pretty much a dustless setup. Very little dust made it into the air. It made quick work of all the sanding. Had the sander for 24 hours. Worked on the garage first. Then moved on to the main room in the basement. By about 12:30 in the morning I was dead. My back and sholders were done. It was good to have those ares finished though. Got up the next morning and touched some areas up and then relaxed for a bit. Had my future brother-inlaw over for the rest of the day sunday and he sanded the bathroom, office and utility room. We took the sander back about 5 minutes before it was due back. Just in time. Was great to get it all done. I would have been sanding for a few weeks straight if I did it all by hand. I need to sand all the corners in the basement since the sander could not get all the ways into the corners. I also have one wall to touch up a bit in the main room. Utility room only has one spot to clean up and finish and the bathroom is pretty much ready to do also. Office I have to work on a few corners but that is close to being ready also. Want to prime the garage first and then prime the utility room. Then will prime the bathroom and office and main room. After I prime the utility room I probably will not paint it anymore. May just put two coats of primer on it. I need to go start picking out paint for the other rooms soon. Think I will go with a light grey for main room. Maybe a blue for the office and a light grey in the bathroom. The garage I am going to do a light tan I think. Will try to do a wall a night this week in the garage. Hope to have that primed by end of the week.

Will try to get a few pictures of the progress up on the site this week. Hopefully before I prime.

I hope I can get primer on most of the walls so I can get the knock down ceiling going in at least the office and the bathroom. Main room will take a saturday for sure. That will be a bit of a job, the other rooms should go pretty quick.

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