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Close to half of the garage has been primed

I moved everything while the grill was warming up and the steak was cooking tonight. After dinner we went to the local ice cream shop to get some treats and then I started in on priming the garage. I only planned to finish up one wall but I actually finished up one side wall and half the ceiling and half of the front wall. I have the other wall to do tomorrow and the other half of the ceiling and the other half of the front wall. I then have to move everything off the back wall and finish up the last wall.
It is so humid out right now that the paint is still drying a hour later. If all goes as planned I hope to have everything else primed in the garage except the back wall at the end of the day tomorrow. I figure I will need to get about 15 more gallons of primer to finish the rest of the garage and the basement. I will probably just pick up another 5 gallons, maybe 10 gallons (2 5 gallon buckets) tomorrow on the way home from work.

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