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Just relaxed

I got out the rest of the stuff to prime the garage and that was it. Just relaxed last night. I need to get back to the basement and garage. For some reason I work hard for like 3 days and then slack on the projects for a month. If I can keep at it like I would like to, I think I can get the garage all finished soon. Garage just needs prime, paint and trim. The utility room just need primer, I may add a second coat depending on how that turns out. Then I want to prime all walls and ceilings in the rest of the basement and also texture the ceiling. At that point I can paint all the ceilings. We still need to decide on paint color for the walls in all of the rooms.

I think the end is in sight now. Still have a bunch of work on the bathroom. I have sink can cabinets for the bathroom. Need to decide on what I want to do next to the shower (closet or cabinet). Need to buy a toilet and decide on the floor treatment. The only other thing after paint in the office and main room will be trim and carpet. Getting close for sure. After carpet is in I will then start thinking about getting the gas cast iron stove in also.

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