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Garage is primed at ready for the final paint color

I have yet to pick the color and go get it but the garage has been fully primed. Well there is one corner I did not get to because it was late in the day and I ran out of paint (didn’t want to open the other 5 gallon bucket of primer). I can prime that last 16 foot corner above the garage door in less than 2 minutes probably. I alos want to prime the wood work in the garage also. I need to go get some trim to prime also and then nail at the bottom of all walls. It is nice to have all the walls one color now. I can see a few spots on the ceiling. Seams that you can see the tape indent a bit. I may go over that real quick with a bit more mud and then prime that real quick again. Other than that I just have to go get the paint.

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