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Nice cool weather

It has cooled off very nicely the last two days. I plan to take advantage of this nice weather and the house being open and start priming the basement. Jenny is out of town for the next few days taking boards so I think I will use the next few evenings to try to get as much primer up in teh basement as I can. The utility room is ready for primer. I have one bump out area that needs a little touch up and that will be ready for primer also. The main room I have a few areas to touch up before primer. The bathroom I have to look over still but I blieve that room is just about ready for primer also. I need to cauk around the shower to seal that but I believe the rest is ready to have primer. The office area I need to work on a few corners but other than that I believe that room is ready for primer also. Little things here and there all add up but I hope to tackle most of those little things this week. I hope I can have everything primed by the end of the week so I can move on to texturing the ceiling and then get ceiling paint up so I can put all the light fixtures in and have that all finished. Then we need to pick paint color which means we need to pick out carpet and florr covering for the bathroom very soon. I plan on two big ticket items and one small item we will need some cashflow for before we finish the basement. The two big items will be the carpet and cast iron stove. The small items are the floor covering in the bathroom, toilet, and trim work for around windows, doors and bottom of the walls. Trim will probably be 200 to 300 I am thinking. toilet will be another 200. Not sure what we will be doing for flooring in bathroom. Carpet I am hoping it will be no more than 2000 to 4000 dollars. Depends on what we go with there also. Getting close to the end result. Just have to get funds together now to finish. After I finish I want to get a projector so we can utilize this area also. Worst case I can put the big crt projector on a cabinet in the back of the room and use that for a little while.

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