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Basement progress

I did not make as much progress on the basement as I wanted to. I have the office and the utilty room all sanded and ready for primer. Hopefully it will look good enough that I do not have to touch anything up. I want to finish up on the bathroom so I can prime the utilty room, bathroom and office all at the same time. I can then either get the main room ready and then prime it or I can texture the ceiling in the bathroom and office and then continue to paint both of those rooms. The main room is almost ready for primer. I need to work on the corners a bit to true them up. And I need to touch up and sand a few spots throughout the room. I might be ready to prime that this weekend. Just going slow again. No bid deal because we have not picked out carpet yet and that means I can’t pick the paint either. I have plenty to do before that though. I want to go get paint for the garage (will use that for the utility room also) so I can finish up the garage and utilty room and then go get some rubber trim to put around the bottom of both areas to trim them out and be finished with both areas.

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