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Problem with replay (trying a tivo)

Saturday morning I woke up to find the replay in the bedroom on but no interface. Rebooted a few times and still nothing. I got on-line to see if I can find any deals on tivo’s. I have been wanting to try one since replay is pretty much dead. A great product but no more updates at all. The tivo for 50 bucks is not a bad deal at all. Went out and got a 40 hour unit. I really like a few things on it. Season pass, to-do list, and a few more functions. I don’t like that is does not have comercial advance and a few gui details. I can live with most of the cons though. I want to get the new 7.2 upgrade so i can play with galleon and a few other items. We need to decide soon if we want to keep it so I can send in the rebate. If we dont’ want to keep it we need to take it back and cancel service before 30 days. If we keep I will sell my two 5040’s on ebay and I should make enough off of them to get two 200 or bigger hard drives and keep service on them for a few years. I just want to break even when it is all said and done. I will need bigger hard drives in them if we keep them. 40 gig drives were big enough in the replays. I will need bigger ones for the tivos to keep picture quality good and be able to keep enough shows on them. Looking at getting a wired usb adapter on ebay right now ( I am using a wireless one I had laying around for the time being). I also think I will get a few seagate drives I found online for cheap. 49 bucks for a 160 after rebate and 69 for a 250 or 300 after rebate. May purchase one of those soon. I will need one either way since the problem with the replay ended up being a bad maxtor 40 gig drive. Put another 40 in and all is fine.

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