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Finally some progress on the basement again

Saturday I was able to work on the basement for a few hours again. I sanded a few spots to get ready for primer. I finished priming the utility room. I then moved on to the office. I was able to prime the whole office and then went up to the garage and primed over a few spots I touched up in the garage. I had a little primer left so I used the rest of the primer on part of the ceiling in the main room. Sunday we went to a early movie and then picked up a bunch of stuff. I got a few more 18 inch rollers and another 5 gallon bucket of primer. I hope that will be enough to finish the basement but it probably will not be enough. It is amazing how much primer drywall takes. The office is starting to look like a finished room though. Jenny and I need to pick the color of paint for the basement so I can get a few 5 gallons buckets of that color and finish up the rooms I can get to. I would like to finish up on the bathroom touchup this week and get that room primed. The main room is almost ready to be primed. A few corners to work on still but pretty much ready. I would like to be able to get the bathroom primed and then get the ceiling texture on both the office and bathroom at the same time. I can then put a final coat of paint on the two ceilings and then move everything from the main room into the office so I can finish everything in the main room. I am thinking if I can keep things moving that we may be shopping for carpet by november somtime. Which will be great timing. Can get everything finished up in the main room and office so we can carpet and use those areas. Then finish up bathroom and then look into getting the gas cast iron stove in before it gets to cold. I have started getting my plans and ideas together to build the screen for the projector. Will build a wood frame and cover with black velvet and put a sceen inside the frame. I printed plans off about 2 years ago. Will need to start looking for the projector I want again. I just learned that panosonic came out with a new projector that looks very promising. Or since that new model came out I may be able to pick up the other one I wanted for a bit cheaper. Who knows.

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