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Planted a few bulbs and moved a few plants last night.

Spent an hour or so out in the humidity last night moving and planting about 80 tulip bulbs. I had planted a few in the backyard last year and taylor found it was fun to bite at them and pull them up. I moved all of those into the front yard and then planted a few more. I also moved a plant from the side of the garage to the front of the house, hopefully it will be a better place for it. The last thing I did was move one of the new flowering trees I got when I joined the National arbor foundation last year. We have 3 threes that made it out of the 10 they sent me. This one is doing the best. It is about 2 or 3 feet tall now. It was down next to the mailbox so I moved it up on the side of the house. Hopefully with a little watering it will be ok. I will plan to water the plant tree and bulbs a few times this week and hopefully next spring they will all look great. The mums that I planted in the backyard last fall are coming in great. 4 of the 10 are huge. The others are coming in fine. I hope to get back to sanding the basement for awhile tonight. Hope I can get the bathroom all sanded and touch up any places that need touching up. Then I can start working on sanding the main room. I need to touch up one spot in the utility room and that are will be ready for final coat of paint. I think we have picked the color of paint for the basement, I think i will paint the garage and utilty room the same color also. I think I will probably need 3 or 4 5 gallon buckets of paint to do all of those areas. Time will tell. I am thinking that I will need to touch up a few spots in the garage one more time. Did not go a very good job the last night. I will use a much bigger knife to touch up this time. Hopefully this will be the last I will have to work on the garage before final paint.

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