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New basement picures are up

I have not done much in the past week on the basement but here are the updated photos. I will plan on sanding a few nights this week and touching up a few spots also. I have 5 more gallons of primer ready to go up. Hopefully that will be enough to finish up the basement. Jenny and I have picked the color for the walls. I have found the rubber trim I want to put along the bottom of the walls (baseboard) for the utility room and garage. I have to find out if I can get 5 gallon buckets of paint tinted. If I can then I will buy paint that way and save 2 dollars a gallon. I still need to get 5 gallons of ceiling paint and find the correct paint for all the trim work. Right now it looks like I will be spending at least 500 dollars on paint alone for the basement and garage. I never even thought about how much paint was going to be. 20 bucks a gallon adds up quick. Luckily the ceiling paint and the primer is a bit cheaper. Primer was 29 bucks for 5 gallons and ceiling I hope will be 50 or so for 5 gallons. I want to get the bathroom sanded and primed this week so I can spray texture on office and bathroom ceiling. Still need to take final measurements and figure out if I will be making shelves and cabinet for back corner of bathroom or building a small wall to put a very small 18 inch door there. Then I can build shelves and paint everything in there instead of staining the cabinets and shelves. The problem will be finding a door and door jam to fit this small area. The area I am talking about is in the back left area of the bathroom next to the shower.

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