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Paint color has been finalized

Went to home depot satruday afternoon. With the mail-in rebate offered with gliden paint, we decided to go with gliden evermore paint. We have a total of 4 1 gallon buckets of ceiling paint and 2 5 gallon buckets of wall paint. We went with a light tan color called water chestnut. It looked a lot lighter on the sample chip. It went on the wall very dark and seems to have dried over night much lighter. I was a bit worried after I finished the room last night. It looks much brighter this morning. The office is ready for outlet covers and trim work now. I will start moving stuff back into that room so I can start on the finish work in the main room. I will leave room around the window so I can work on trimming out the window in the office. I have moved things around in the utility room and plan to move a bit more so I can finish painting that room either later tonight or tomorrow after work. The bathroom is almost ready for paint on the walls. We are going with the same light grey that I painted the utility room. I just need to work at the area around the shower a bit more before I paint that room. So far we have spent between $300 and $400 on paint and primer. That is for the garage and basement. I need to start looking at trim/molding for the base of the walls and around the window/doors this week. I have no idea how much that will be. I would assume it will be another $200 to $300 at least. I will take some measurements to get an estimate of how much I will need and then head out to see what is available and see if I can try to use someones truck to get it to my house. I also need to take measurements of all the areas I want to carpet and tile so we can go pick out flooring and get that on order and then find a good installer at the same time.

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