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Nothing new on the basement project.

As I planned, I went to homedepot right after work and picked up one more can of paint for the utility room and 3 cans of ceiling paint. Homedepot has a mail-in rebate on all gliden paint right now so instead of almost 17 bucks a gallon it will only be 12 bucks a gallon. I picked up some color chips at the same time so we can pick the wall paint out. Since gliden paint has that mail in rebate I am thinking about picking up some gliden chips instead of behr and purchasing a few 5 gallon buckets of gliden instead of the behr paint. You get a 20 buck rebate on the 5 gallon bucket. That will make the paint much cheaper. I need to purchase the paint today or tomorrow I believe. Will try to get that decided and purchased soon.

After I stopped at homdepot I came home and mowed the yard. I did not paint anything in the basement, as planned. I did however go down and install the fan in the office. I do not think it is quite right yet (does not swing free). I think I may need to take it down again and free up the hook inside the mount that is there to help hold the fan up when you are working on the wiring. I think I will just unhook that and fold it down and that should fix the problem. It does give a nice breeze in that room when turned on. I think I will go get a wall knob/switch so I can control the speed of the fan from the wall instead of the fan pull chain.

Tonight I hope to move everything back to it’s correct spot in the utility room so I can move everything from the other side of the room out and finish painting that room. If time permits I can move everything and then paint that room. It will be nice to be finished with that room and get things organized and also move stuff from the main room into the utility room and also store the deck chairs and table somewhere. After I finish the garage project and basement project I hope to get back to the utility room. I think I will clean the floor up and paint it with the epoxy system I used in the garage. The grey basement system/paint should look great. I think after I do that I will put some of that vinyl molding at the base of the walls to finish that room off and it should look great and be very easy to clean up. That room should not get to dirty, but since I am plannig on building some furniture I think it will get a decient amount of saw dust so the finished floor will make it easy to keep clean. I still need to figure out how I want to layout that area so I can keep it nice an organized but be able to pull things like the table saw out and use.

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