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Start of the week went a bit different than expected

Well, my brother had a medical emergency and everything is fine now. Ended up taking yesterday off work to make sue he was ok and to do anything I could if needed. I ended up staying at home for most of the morning. Went down and working on the office a bit (plugs and what not). Cleaned up the bathroom a bit and then painted the rest of the utility room and almost all of the bathroom. I ran out of paint so last night I got another gallon of paint and will finish up the last wall in the bathroom tonight. I would like to put the light up in the bathroom and then move on to the main room. I am so far on track with my plans this week. I hope to organize the utility room and get things back to their places. I will then move everything I can from the main room into the utility room (tools and what not ie table saw) and move all the furniture into the office and then put plastic up in the doorway so I do not get that room dusty. If I still have time I would like to start on cleaning up the corners in the main room so I can touch up anything with mud and then sand the last few spots tomorrow so I can get priming that room.

I was able to mow the law last night. Lowered the mow one setting. I plan to lower it one more by the end of the season just to keep the grass as low as possible over the winter. I still need to winterize the sprinkler system. I may get to that this weekend.

It is nice to be able to stay close to my schedule I have setup for this week and next week. If I can keep at it I plan on having the main room ceiling textured and painted by monday. After that I can start on the walls. The ceiling and walls in the main room should go pretty quick. It is a nice open area and I have that nice big roller (18 inch roller) which makes painting go so fast.

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