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Got the blade cp helicopter yesterday

Just as we were leaving to head to the hospital yesterday I noticed out mail main coming down the street. So I turned around and waited till he got to our house. Sure enough there was a bunch of mail for us since there was not mail delievery on monday and he had a box I had to sign for. Took everything inside and opened up the box. It was my lightly used blade cp remote controlled helicopter I won about 2 weeks ago. Since we were leaving I did not get to mess with it.

When we got home last night I did not have time to mess with it either. I headed right out to mow the yard and then came in to eat after that. Finally I have so time to mess with it. At first I could not get it to initialize. After reading the instructions a few times I figured out I had to have the throttle stick and trim all the way down. I was only putting the throttle all the way down. Next I found that the previouse owner had crashed a few times. I powered it up and started the main blade and it had a horrible wobble to it. I decided to change blades (he had included an extra set). come to find out he had crashed it a few times it looked like bacause there was almost an inch of blade cut off the ones that were on it. So I put the new ones on it and started it up. Finally it worked. After a little tweaking I was able to hoover about 2 mm off the carpet. Seriously this thing is hard to control. I am still tweaking the trim and gyro adjustments a bit. I have two more blades but do not want to use those until I can control this thing a bit better. Well after a little longer I had it moveing around a bit, and all of a sudden it headed towards the coffee table. I could not get it to come back and bam it hit. Took a notch out of the end of one blade so I will have to trim this blade down about a 1/4 of an inch to even it out so it will not be out of balance. I will do that tonight. I am looking for good prices on crash kits and new blades because I am sure i will be needing them.

Hopefully I will have a bit more time with it tonight. Will take it out into the garage tonight so I will not have to worry about hitting furniture.

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