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Finished a few things on the basement over the weekend

On saturday morning I got up and did the normal thing with the dog and relaxed for a bit. Then I headed down to the basement to finish up anything I could think of.

Finally got all of the spearker wires all hooked up and tested. I have my old onkyo setup for testing and a little music in the basement. I will label all of the jacks near the stereo and that will be finished. I also Finished up all of the electrical outlets and data jacks. I will not need to go through each data jack and coax cable to label them and punch each down on a patch panel in the utility room. That will take some time but it will be so nice when that is completed.

I finally got the whole house surge suppressor I bought online. It only took about 15 minutes to install. Came on with no problem. Now to see if this thing really does work good. Only time will tell.

When I was installed that item I noticed few thing I did not like in the electrical panel. I have the projector circuit on the same circuit as the de-humidifier. I also do not like that the computers are running on the same circuit as the outside outlets. I hook my air compressor up every so often and I am sure that surge is not a good thing for the electronics. Luckily they are all on ups’ right now. I put in one outlet in the corner and will move the de-humidifier to the same circuit probably. I just need to get one part from menards at lunch and I will be able to finish that tonight.

I started getting setup to trim out the windows. I hope to be able to get that mostly completed this week. I will have to take a look at my to-do list but I believe I am just about finished with everything for the basement. I still have a few task to complete (mentioned above), but I think I will have no problem being ready for carpet near the end of December. I would like to have everything finished by the time the carpet is installed. So when they install the carpet I can move the furniture into the room and that is it.

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