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Picked up a few things from Menards yesterday

I think I am have all the parts I need to finish up the outlets and low voltage jacks also. I did not like how one of the subwoofer jacks was looking on the side wall. The plate was sticking out from the wall a little. I want it flush. I think I may be able to fix that this weekend. As for the speaker plate on the post in the middle of the room. I will just have to put longer screws on that. I believe I have something to take care of that. Maybe not white headed screws but oh well. I will get over it. I picked up a roll of insullation also. I plan to climb up in the attic tonight and try to get everying squard away with that problem. I will prime and paint the ceiling this weekend if time permits also. Just touching up from that small water mark.

I hope to be able to finish off all of the outlets and what not this weekend. Maybe even get going on priming and painting the doors and door jams. Maybe even start on trimming out the windows in the basement. It all takes time. I just will keep plugging away at it all.

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