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Should be picking up jenny’s new car today or tomorrow

We found a 2005 volvo s40 T5 AWD that was a demo car (driven by the sales manager at our local volvo dealer) that had 5661 miles on it.  After doing some research and asking many questions we went with this car over a suv.  The Engine looks a bit weird.  Dont’ think I will be working on this car anytime soon.

This car as you can tell below is not a very large car at all.  Should be great though since it is a small sporty All Wheel Drive Turbo.  The color we are getting is called Metallic Silver.  It is a bit lighter than the car pictured below.

The dash is setup nicely.  There is a small area behind the radio/controls area that is interesting but nice.  It was a bit of a change from the large area in the jeep but I think jenny will love this setup.

In this picture you can see how tight the back seat will be and that is also the interior we have I believe.  It is called T-Tec I believe.  Not leather, but still has heated seats and the fabric is different than anything I have been in.

If everything goes smoothly the loan will be approved today, they will touch up the few spots we saw on the car and then send it off to get a 3M paint protectant that I totally recommend.  I have it on my jeep and you do not have to wax the car at all.  Just wash it and the water beads up.  Will probably get another coupon book after the initial 5 coupons are used up.

Salesman just called and the paperwork is all set.  The car was in the shop getting touched up and was scheduled to go over and get the paint protectant this afternoon.  It will be ready for us to pick it up tomorrow evening.  We will be able to show it off by this weekend :)

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