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All set to pick up the car this evening

Just called the bank and the insurance office to make sure everything was in order and we are all set to pick the car up tonight.  Our insurance did not go up as much as I thought it would go up.  Not bad at all.  I plan on shopping around in a bit and checking to make sure other insurance companies would not be cheaper for comparable policies.  We tried that once before with AAA becuase jen and I both like AAA.  Our current policy with Citizens was cheaper and I have not had a problem with them on any of our policies as of yet. 
So if all goes as planned we will be rid of the cirus tonight and have a nice new volvo in the garage.  I want to get the garage floor cleaned up and mopped if time permits this evening.  The cirus had a small oil leak and I have a few spots left over from when I was mudding the ceiling.  I wanted to clean up the floor once more before the winter sets in anyway.  It gets dirty very fast as soon as it starts to snow and they start laying down the salt on the roads.  The epoxy paint treatment I put down last year has been great.  It has not started to chip at all.  Well one of the cracks in the floor that the builder put in does have a small 2 inch section that the edge has chipped but that is cement not the paint chipping.  I can’t think what I did there but you can’t even see it unless you know what to look for.  Otherwise the floor has been great.  Only downside of this treatement would be that it is a bit slippery when wet.  I was thinking about putting some mats down in the winter in the two areas we walk on most, then we would not be as apt to slip when exiting the two cars.

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