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Been looking for another raid controller and another 300 gig seagate drive on sale

Today I went ahead and bought a Seagate 300 gig drive. I have another one of these already. I figure I can use this 300 gig as a hot spare in my current array of 200 gig drives if I want to or I can put another array together if I win another raid controller on ebay and put that card and the 2 300 gig drives in a Linux box I am working on putting together to be the web server, asterisk pbx and backup system. I really love the backup software I have been running for well over a year (Backup). Drive should be to me on Tuesday of next week I would think. I still have 40 or 60 bucks coming to me from one drive and I have 60 bucks in checks I have to put in the bank from another drive. After I get this drive I will have another 60 bucks coming back in the form of 2 checks. The only drive I will buy is from Seagate now. After having 3 Maxtor drives go bad I will not buy another Maxtor drive. The problem is I still have 2 drives left in my 2 replaytvs. I have 2 200 gig maxtors in my server and another one or 2 drives in other pc’s. Wonder when they will die. I have had 2 of the 3 maxtors go bad in the first year so they were under warranty, but a drive that goes bad in the first year is really a bad thing. So everytime I see a great deal on a Seagate I get one with the money from previous rebates.

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