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Due to the weather we did not have a big Thanksgiving dinner again

Jen and I woke up early yesterday due to our dog thinking that 5am was a great time to get us up.  For some reason she knew we were going to try to sleep in but she didn’t want us to.  Ended up holding out until about 7:30.  Let her out into the snow for a bit and then she went and ate her breakfast.  I headed out to get the paper and shovel the driveway.  Jen came out a little later with taylor and taylor had some fun in the snow and ice.  We had breakfast and heard that US131 was closed due to conditions.  At that time we figured we would probably not make the trip for thanksgiving dinner.  I went out around noon to see how bad the roads were.  I was going 60 on 131 but at times there were whiteout conditions.  We decided it would be a good plan to just stay home.  The snow would let up from time to time.  For the most part it snowed all day though.  I have shoveled the driveway 4 times since I left work on wednesday.  It is still snowing off and on today.  I see that it is going to warm up sunday and maybe rain.  That will be great with the 6 to 8 inches of snow we have on the ground.

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