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Drive arrays and data getting moved around as I write this

I now have two 300 gig seagates freed up and ready for a new drive array in my linux box. I have three 200 gig drives in my windows server in a mirror config with a hot spare. I just found a fourth drive online tonight. A 200 gig seagate for 49 after rebate. Worked out to be 56 after shipping. Hopefully I will get it later this week. I will work on getting all my data off the current array and then reconfig the array and have it ready by the time I have the new seagate in hand. I can add that anytime. Just put it in and add it as a hot spare.

When all drives are in the computers I will have a 4 drive raid 5 array in my main server and 2 drive raid 1 array in my linux box acting as the webserver and backup server.

Next I will start looking for new memory, motherboard, processor and video card. It is time to put a new box together. I have not put one together for well over 3 years, if not 5 years.

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  1. Newy's Blog linked to this post on December 7, 2005

    Drive has shipped and should be delivered today.

    Well from the tracking email I got last last night. It looks like the new seagate drive I ordered should be here later today. I have backed up all of the data on my array and should be ready to kill the previous array and build a new one this evening…

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