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Drive has shipped and should be delivered today.

Well from the tracking email I got last last night. It looks like the new seagate drive I ordered should be here later today. I have backed up all of the data on my array and should be ready to kill the previous array and build a new one this evening. I have gotten all of my rebate checks from previous seagate rebates. I am waiting for the rebate check for the 300 gig I just bought from outpost and will submit this rebate tomorrow. I should be all set on storage for awhile now. I have a few extra drives to replace system drives and drives in my replaytv’s if they go bad. The only thing I do not have an extra for is if one of the 300 gig drives go bad. That should be fine though because they are covered for 3 to 4 more years. I can wait the few weeks it will take to get one replaces since I plan to put them in a mirror configuration. Still looking for a raid array on ebay. I will find a nice one for cheap eventually.

UPDATE: Drive has been delievered and I am letting it warm up before I put in the server. Good thing I moved my main server into the new antec case that can handle all of the drives. I actually may want to get an even bigger case eventually.

UPDATE: Drive has been installed. New 400 gig array is setup and data is getting copied back over to it. Data is almost all copied and hot spare is in place and ready to take over when one of the western digital drives fail.

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