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Projector screen project has started

Friday night after dinner jen and I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and I picked up 3 yards of blackout material and 3 yards of black velvet. The blackout material will be streched across a wood frame I will be building and that will be the screen. The black velvet will be put on a second frame I will be building and that will be the black frame to the screen. All of this will be mounted on the wall in the basement for projecting a picture from a new projector I hope to be ordering next week. The frame will be started tonight or tomorrow. I picked up 4 1x4x8 and 7 1 x4x6 peices of pine at homedepot today. The screen size will be 92×52. It will be a 106 inch screen. I may at some time make it a bit smaller. I want to have as large of a screen as I can put in the that area but do not want to have the screen to large. Hopefully this size will be fine and where I want to put the projector will be a good location and give the projector enough distance to project a large enough picture to fill the screen. This will be a fun project and so far I have only put 90 bucks into it. I hope i have not over looked anything so far.

UPDATE: Well that went a little bit faster and easier than I thought it would. I went down to start on the project this evening frame is almost finished. I just have to mount the last two braces. I think I will just brad nail them into place. I plan on putting the Blackout material on the frame tomorrow. After the screen is made and I am happy with it I wil start on the black frame. That will be a bit more work becuase I will need to make every peice by itself and make sure it fits perfectly. I will probably need to get a few more parts before finishing that also. The screen may be finished and mounted by monday or tuesday. I hope to order the projector tuesday or wedenesday. Doubt it will be here by friday but we shall see.

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