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Screen is almost complete after two evenings working on it

Last night I worked on the screen again. I was able to get the black out cloth all stapled on and looking great. I then moved on to getting the pieces around the screen cut and covered with black velvet. I now need to put the metal hardware on the black velvet pieces so I can get them mounted to the screen. Then I will work on mounting the screen to the wall. Probably another 2 hours or so and then thing will be mounted on the wall and ready for the projector. I will work on getting speakers mounted and in place next. Hopefully I can get everything in place so when I hook up the projector I will be able to watch a movie as soon as I calibrate the projector. Hopefully later today and early tomorrow I will get a few more quotes on the projector and then I can make my decision tomorrow and order it. Wonder if I will get it by the end of this week or not. It would be nice to be here to receive. Not sure if that will happen or not.

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