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First coat of paint on the window and door trim

Just finished putting the first coat of paint on the window and door trim. I have one propak. This means I have 12, 14 foot pieces. They were pre-primed. I figure if I put 2 coats of paint on them and then one more coat once they are on the wall to touch up and cover over the spots I filled the holes where the nails went. I should be in good shape.

I hope to put a coat of paint on the shoe molding tomorrow. I have 2 paks of that. There are a total of 20, 10 foot peices that I will have to paint there. Those are actually primed nicely. I may only need one coat on those and then another to touch up after they are on the wall. If I get right on it tomorrow I may be able to finish up the window in the office tomorrow evening. I would like to try to get shoe molding and door trim up around all the doors at the bottom of the stairs first. I need to fix the door into the utility room a bit and I need to redo the whole french door. I really messed that one up.

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