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Worked a bit on the trim last night and again today

Things are moving along on the basement again. All of the door and window trim has been painted once. I have one doorway and one window trimed and painted a second time. Both are finished. One sice of the door has been painted and hopefully tomorrow I will paint the other side so I can put it back up. I painted one pack of the baseboard trim. I will probably paint the other pack tomorrow. I have to fix the french door and the bathroom door and then I can trim those two doors out. I have to prime the wood for the two small windows and then I should be able to get the two windows going. It would be nice to have most of the baseboard molding down and the doors and windows all finished by this weekend. We have picked the carpet we like. This week I will call and setup a meeting with an installer so we can get figures together to install the carpet. This may actually come to a close soon. The last thin to do would be to finish the bathroom. I really want o use the basement so I am going to finish everything but the bathroom now. I will finish that some time later. Trying to get the main room, hallway and office finished so I can order the projector and start using the basement.

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