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Had a day off and was able to finish many things in the basement

The last two days I have finished quite a few things in the basement. I have finished all of the baseboard trim on the main room hallway and office. I finished a little bit of drywall work on the office and bathroom. I have trimmed out the french doors and one side of the bathroom door. I have to sand a little drywall before I can finish the other side of the bathroom door. After I finsh that and paint I can finish the trim and the baseboard trim for the bathroom. I have almost all of the wood primed and ready so I can finish the two windows in the main room. After that I will start to fill the holes and touch up all of the trim and then paint the trim one last time. I then need to tape off the trim and put another coat of paint on the walls. Many things to do still. I think I will be doing the tile work in the bathroom myself. I need to pick tile and grout color and get that home so I can finsh that room before the carpet goes down. I still have to mount the cabinet and sink before I can tile. I need to get some shoe molding to finish the trim in the bathroom after I have tiled. I plan to get as much completed this weekend as I can. I may end up taking another day off soon so I can finish a bit more on the basement. When I can get moving in a single day I get so much more completed. Getting closer to carpet everyday. I will plan to clean up the rooms tonight and take a few pictures.

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