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Did not make it down to the basement at all yesterday

I wanted to work on some touchup and hole filler, but did not make it down. I picked up some more wood filler at homedepot last night and also another sample tile. I think we are going to go with plain white tiles in the bathroom. I will plan to put the baseboard trim down as soon as I finish the door trim and touch up paint around the door. I will need to get some shoe molding to put down after I tile. If I can start a full tile at the shower I should be able to make the whole room look pretty good. I figure I can put shoe molding everywere else to cover up the cut edge agains the walls and cabinets. I think we will use a medium to dark grout. I have my work cut out for me now. Time to mount the sink and cabinet perminatly. I have 3 books from the library to help me get this tile job started correctly and finished. I plan to start early on a saturday and hopefully by lunch I will have the tiles all laid out and ready for grout. I will have to read a bit but I probably will wait to grout until the following weekend just to let the thinset dry all the way and make sure everything is correct. There really is not much to do but this being my first tile project I hope I do not overlook anything. Since I have one tile I can get the layout all set and get chalk lines down so when it comes to laying down thinset, I will be ready and can get right to it. I will probably rent a tile cutter from homedepot when I get the tiles and buy a tile chipper. I will probably buy a bag of dry grout and a bag of dry thinset. Unless premixed is not much more. I still have some reading to do but hopefully in a week or so I can tackle this job. I have plenty to do before I will run out of stuff to finish in the basement. I think at this time I would like to get the tile work finished before the carpet goes in. It will be nice to be able to have everything finished when they come to put the carpet in. I am pretty sure I will work to make that happen. I was originally going to do the bathroom last but after talking to the 2 carpet installers both said it would be good to do the tile first and then put the carpet in to get the threshold perfect and not have to redo it once the tile was finshed.

I did not get down to take updated pictures as of yet. I plan to clean things up tonight and take a bunch of materials out to the garabage. After that I will plan to take a few pictures.

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