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Finally made it down to the basement this afternoon

Made it down and started working on filling all the nail holes in the trim. I was able to finish the trim around the door in the bathroom and one wall in the bathroom. I have one other small peice of baseboard molding to put up. I have to get the sink and cabinet in it’s final place and all set before I put the last molding in tough. All corners and holes have been filled so I will wait for that to set up and go back over everything with sand paper before I put another coat of paint on the trim. I got the two windows in the main room started. I want to let the cauck and wood filler dry and setup before I put the last of the window trim up. I may go down tonight to finish that last bit up trim up. I may be able to setup and get everything read for the final coat of paint on the trim tomorrow. Probably won’t get to painting tomorrow, but I probably will be able to prep everything so I can get painting on tuesday.

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