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Did not do much on the basement at all so far this weekend

I cleaned up the corner in the bathroom and put another coat of paint on so I will be able to finish the trim on the door and baseboard in the bathroom. I have all of the wood ready to trim out the windows in the main room. Just have to get to it.

Last night dave came up and we worked on a few projects he needed finished up for his boat. We cleaned up two blocks of wood and rounded the corners and then cut up this plastic sheet and made 6 rod holders to replace some old very aged rod holders from his boat. They turned out very nice. It was weird cutting and routing plastic.

I hope to get back to the basement later today. I want to try to get trim finished on the door and bathroom and get the cabinet and sink all setup and finished. I need to finish the valves under the sink before I put the cabinet back in. I may have running water in that bathroom this week.

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