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Did not do much at all in the basement today

Today I started in the morning. Taped the trim off in the office and started to touch that edge up. Started to take the tape off and it was peeling the paint off the walls. I decided to wait on doing the rest of the areas. I did not paint the stairs and hallway either. I decided to relax this afternoon. I did clear a bunch of stuff out of the main room and put it in the utility room. Man the utility room is going to be very full after I put everything in there. I put all of the spearker jacks, outlet covers, data jack covers and light covers back up. I mounted the projector screen and started to clean the floors. That was about it. I will wait to paint another day or so.

I wanted to let some of the paint smell get out of the house before I put more paint on the walls. I still have a bit to go this week before I will feel good about having the main room and back room finished. At that point I will feel good about starting the bathroom.

It will all get done in good time. I will order the carpet tomorrow and that will set the pace as far as how fast I will have to work.

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