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A full day of work on the basement today

Jenny had places to be today so I started before she left and stopped just before she got back this evening.  Put in just over 8 hours on the basement.  Man I am feeling it now.

I can’t even remember what I worked on this morning.  I preped a few walls for paint and finished up painting any left over trim.  Patched up a few spots on the walls and also a few spots on the stairs so I can install the handrail after it has been repainted.  I plan to put silver hardware on instead of the gold that we used to have.  The french doors are all finished and i have taken the plastic off the windows.  Man that took about 30 minutes to get all of that off.  Mounted a few door stops so the doors do not hit the drywall anymore.

I finished off one 5 gallon bucket of paint and about 1 more gallon of the second 5 gallon bucket today.  That took most of the day.  I put the second coat of paint on the main room and office.  I will need to go back and touch up so of the baseboard trim and a few spots on the ceiling but those two rooms are almost ready for carpet now.  I plan to touch up tomorrow and finish the stairs and hallway paint also.  The stairs and hallway area just need to be touched up and that should be it for that area.

I probably will not get to laying out the tiles in the bathroom tomorrow.  I think I will plan to touch everything up and try to clear both rooms out and clean the floor so I am ready for the installer to come out and install carpet.

Next week I will start laying out the tile and by next weekend I hope to have everything finished in the bathroom.  At that point the only thing I can think of woud be getting the mirror for over the sink in the bathroom.  Moving the light over the sink in the bathroom so it is centered over the sink, and getting the toilet and installing it in the bathroom after the tile is finished.

I finished getting the screen mounted today.  Fitted it and then took it down before I painted.  I can now just put it up and that will be finished also.  No fitting and measuring.  Just put the mounts back up and then place the screen back in them and screw it on.

After I finish up a few things tomorrow I plan to take some pictures of everything.  That might be the last set of pictures of the main room before carpeting.

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