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Slow progress on the basement once again

Last night I was finally able to finish up on the hallway/stairs. Everything has been touched up and painted a final coat. After the paint sets up for a day or so I will put up the hand railing for the stairs. All I have to do is remove the dog cage, carpet and padding before the installer comes out. Otherwise that area is all set for carpet and then it will be finished.

The main room I still have to touch up the white trim that I should have taped off before I painted the walls. As soon as I toucht that up I will have the main room finished. I just need to get everything out of that room so it is empty and ready for the installer. Depending on time this weekend I hope to start hanging pictures on the walls in the office and main room.

The office is pretty much finished. I want to touch up two areas that the tape took paint of the walls but that will take me 5 minutes to setup paint and then clean up.

I plan to layout and start tiling the bathroom tomorrow. I want to tile tomorrow and hopefully grout sunday night. Then the last few things I have to do in that room will be to purchase and hang a mirror over the sink, make a plate so I can move the light to center it over the since and purchase a toilet and install it. Just a few small items after the tile has been finished.

I sure hope this tiling goes smooth. I know it won’t be fast but I just want it to look good.

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