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Wow, it took all day but the bathroom tile is down

We started laying things out about 10:30 yesterday.  Started cutting tile about 11:30 and decided that my tile cutter was not working very good.  Decided to go pic up some pizza and go rent a tile saw.  Just got back from picking up a few things from home depot and returning the tile saw.  Cost a bit more than I was planning on spending.  Still much cheaper than having it done (like 230 dollars cheaper) and it made the job go much faster.  I had shawn over to help.  He was a master at the tile saw.  He has worked with that type of saw before.  He measured and cut and I mixed the thinset and layed tile.  Once we got moving it went very fast.  We finished the job about 4 or so and cleaned up.  Clean up took a bit.  We sat down to eat about 6pm.  My back was so sore.  After dinner we finally got around to what shawn really came over for.  Cutting a sheet of plywood I had at my house for about 2 years.  So a very long day but man the floor looks good.  I took back a lighter grey today and got a darker grey grout.  I will probably grout one night this week.  I would think I can do at least half of the bathroom one evening and the the other half the next day.  Or maybe I will just wait to do it next saturday.  After the grout is down I will put the shoe molding down and the bathroom floor will be ready for grout sealer.  I need to purchase the mirror and toilet and install and then move the light and that room will be ready to use.

Still need to find out when the carpet will be delivered so I can schedule the installer.  I will plan to clean the rooms out so the are all ready for the installer.  The night before he comes I will clear out the stairs.  That will mean taking the carpet up and pading and cleaning everything really good.

So close to being finished.

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