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Tomorrow is the day

I have not done much on the basement at all this week. Just been cleaning up and planning things. Trying to hold of on purchasing anything else until the carpet is in and we have that paid off. Hope to take a big chunk off of that next week and then pay the rest just before the credit card balance is due.

Tomorrow morning I plan to go down and clean up the tile one more time. Then mix up the grout and have at it. I hope it goes pretty fast. Will take my time at first just to make sure I get grout in all areas and it is supporting any corners that may need support due to thinset not supporting the total corner. Then after it is all in I will plan on baby siting it and making sure the grout turns out good. Try to clean up any extra grout on the tile or woodwork and then keep the grout lines looking good. Probably will have to go over the whole area at least 2 if not 4 times to get all grout off the tiles. Will let it sit for another week or so and then I will plan on sealing the grout and puting the shoe molding in.

After that is all finished odds are the carpet will be in and I just need to put the mirror up and toilet in.

Things are coming together nicely. I plan to look into selling my projector this weekend and empty the rest of the basement out and touch up the paint.

After that I just need to start hanging pictures and speakers and then I will wait till the carpet is in. I want to be able to move the tv and other electronics down soon after the carpet is in. Projector will probably be another month before that is in stalled and running.

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