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Tile is looking great

Yesterday I took back the tile saw, some extra tiles, the grout and caulk I had picked out.  It is always better to have to much than not enough.  I had picked up an extra box of tiles just in case we needed it.  Didn’t need them at all.  I actually had two left from another box.  Good to have those just in case I need to replace a broken tile in the future.  After seeing the tile down jen and I decided that the darker grout looked better.  I took the light great grout and caulk back and got darker grout.  They did not have color matched caulk for this darker grey so I will probably end up using clear or white caulk for around the shower.

I walked on the tiles this morning and the are looking really good.  I will probably clean up the tiles and get everything ready for grout later tonight.  I probably will not grout until later this week or maybe even saturday.

Found the 48″ x 36″ mirror we want and the toilet we want.  Will probably pick that up after the carpet is in.  No reason to worry about that stuff right now.  I want to move the light and get the grout and shoe molding down first.  I have a few things to finish before the carpet goes in so I will try to get that finished in the next week to two weeks.  The carpet will be installed sometime after the 9th of march.

Time to get bids for the projector and get everything in order so I can get furniture into the room and the projector up and ready to use soon after the carpet is installed.

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