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Tonight I will be sealing the grout

Last night I sprayed the grout one last time with water.  Late in the evening I tried a small line back in a corner to make sure the sealer does not do anything weird.  Tonight when I get home from work I plan to change and then head down to clean all of the tile one last time.  I also have two or three areas I have to clean a little extra grout off of a corner and some woodwork.  After that I will vacum those areas and then wipe down everything a final time.

I will put the sealer into the aplicator bottle and then go over every grout line in the bathroom.  After I apply the sealer it will be just about the 10 minutes I have to let it sit.  I will then go back over to wipe any extra off the grout.  Later tonight I will go back down to spray the sealer over everything.  That will have to be done in sections since I have to be able to wipe any extra off of the grout and tile after 10 minutes.  Then on to the next section and I that will take an hour at least I would think.

It will be nice to have all of the grout sealed and ready to use.  Wed. I plan to put down the shoe molding and put up all of the accessories in the bathroom.  I can start to take measurements also so I can start making the cabinet for the back corner.  I do not know how fast I will get on that project.  I would think maybe this year or the latest of next year.

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