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The basement is so close to being done

Over the weekend I cleaned up the main room, office and hallway.  Finished up a few small things and moved everything out of the areas mentioned above.  Last night I pulled up the carpet on one step just to make sure everything was just stapled down and not glued and then filled in a small area on the bottom step since I was not going to put the post and railing back up.  This morning I got up the normal time and got taylor up.  I then went on to pull all of the carpet and pad on the stairs up and then pull every staple out of the stairs that was left over.  Finished up about 8:00 and cleaned up a bit.  The carpet installers showed up at about 9am and went to it.  Pad and nailing strips were down in now time.  Carpet showed up and they went to town.  They had everything seemed and finished by 12:30pm.  Paid him and then jen and I spent the next hour or so vacuming.  That carpet looks great.  We went out this afternoon and threw the old carpet and pad away at pro-source.  Went to homedepot and picked up the mirror for the bathroom and a toilet.  I am working on installing the toilet tonight.  Hopefully I will be able to finish up the toilet tomorrow and also get the other fixtures finished in the bathroom.  I can then start to bring the futons and other furniture into the finished rooms.  I can’t wait to get everything out into the finished room and then I can get that utility room cleaned up and organized again.  I plan to get updated pictures up on the website tomorrow.

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