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I have not posted anything on the basement for awhile

Well after a few messages and a change on the delivery date on the carpet. Everything is back on schedule. Carpet will be installed this coming monday. I have almost everything out of the main room. Office is totally clear and ready for carpet. I need to move the stereo and speakers out of the main room. I only have one thing left after that. The chair. I plan to take that and put it into the utilityroom this weekend. I need to paint the trim in the main room and bathroom one last time. Then I need to tape the trim off and then get a nice clean line for the trim to wall line. Then I will be ready for carpet. I should have no problem getting that all done before monday morning. I need to rip out the carpet and padding for the stairs before monday morning and then everything will be ready for the installer on monday.

I can’t wait until monday evening. I will be able to move all of the furniture into the main room and clean out the utility room. I can also move all of our work out stuff into the main room of the basement. It will be nice to get a few things cleaned and organized.

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