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Projector is going to be ordered later today

I just applied/bought a membership to costco. Later today I plan to purchase the panasonic 900u. I hope it comes next week sometime. It has been a long wait but I am sure it will be totally worth it. I am going to end up paying just a little bit more for the projector but I like the idea that anytime for any reason I can return this projector to costco and get a replacement if I want or just get my money back.

Update: Just found the RPA-225(ceiling mount for the panasonic 900) for 149.00 shipped. Placed an order a little bit ago. Will see how fast they ship. I will call later today to make sure the have in stock and I will get it next week sometime.

Update:  Projector has been ordered.  Now I have to wait to see when the projector will ship and also when the mount will ship.  I hope we get it sometime next week.  Doubt they will be here yet this week.

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