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Basement is filling up very quickly

Last night I was busy cleaning up the futons and end tables and workout equipment. The rooms are filling up quickly. I have a path in the utility room finally. Tonight I hope to be able to clear out some more room in the utility room. This weekend I plan on getting rid of a chair and automan, along with an old tv. Little by little I will get that utility room cleared out. By spring pickup I hope to have everything out of that utility room. I will have a bit of stuff to put out when it comes time for spring pickup.

I may have messed up on a few small things with the screeen layout. Everything is fixable, just simple things like where to put the tv so it is not in the way of the screen. I think we are going to end up getting a few new items for the basement. Some office furniture and a sectional I would think are the first two things we will get.

I have not heard anything on the projector mount or the projector as of yet. Still have a few days before I get worried.

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